dropped eslint-plugin-sort-keys-custom-order from eslint-config-ts-prefixer@v1.12.0

Thanks for all users of ts-prefixer.

I decide drop eslint-plugin-sort-keys-custom-order from ts-prefixer from v1.12.0.

The eslint-plugin-sort-keys-custom-order plugin was useful to align Object/Type keywords such as "id", "title", etc. at the top, but more than that, it changed the order of object properties, which was particularly annoying when writing Tests.
It has a problem that the order of object properties can be changed so that the expect result object no longer matches the actual object, which is particularly annoying when creating a large number of Fixture Objects for Fake Response.

Most people write the "id" property in Top even if they don't use Lint, so I decided to remove eslint-plugin-sort-keys-custom-order as it is a big disadvantage when testing.

If you want to continue to use it, you can set up a rule for eslint-plugin-sort-keys-custom-order in your own ESLint configuration.