Hardware, Software I use.
And I love other things.

Stay comfortable, Here’s a big list of all of my favorite stuff.


  • 16” MacBook Pro, 2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM (2019)

    Probably the last model with Touch Bar, only ESC key is easy to use with physical keys. The keyboard layout is US. Honestly I should probably replace the Intel chip with the latest ARM chip soon, but it's still woking powerful and recent MacBook Pro models are too expensive, so I can't easily change models.
    To maintain a comfortable posture, I run my MacBook Pro in a clamshell mode mode with an external monitor, keyboard, and trackpad (described below) connected to the computer. I often run my MacBook Pro in a clamshell mode with an external monitor, keyboard, and trackpad connected to maintain a comfortable posture.

  • Apple Magic Keyboard - US English

    I am not particularly particular about keyboards, so I use the Apple original one. It is an ordinary keyboard with no special features, and I think the price is high compared to the performance.

  • Apple Magic Trackpad - Black Multi-Touch Surface

    I use a black color one. It feels exactly like the one on my Macbook Pro and is the most complete pointing device compared to other laptop products. I think the performance of the product is balanced against the price, which is rare for Apple.

  • eXpress Keyboard Platform

    This is a gadget for placing an external Apple Magic Keyboard and Apple Magic Trackpad in a layout similar to that of a Macbook Pro. If you simply place the Trackpad under the keyboard without using this product, the height difference is too great and it is difficult to operate the keyboard properly. Thanks to this gadget, you can smoothly switch between the clamshell mode of the Macbook Pro and the normal laptop mode.

  • LG 24 UltraGear FHD IPS 1ms 144Hz HDR Monitor

    My memory is a little fuzzy but I bought this external monitor because it was on sale at Amazon at a discount, It is connected in Clamshell mode.
    The good thing about this monitor is that I don't feel any display delay at all (who can detect a 1ms delay?).
    The good thing about this monitor is that you don't feel any delay at all, The monitor can be set to a refresh rate of up to 144Hz, which makes scrolling on the web site very smooth. (On my Macbook Pro, I set the refresh rate to 120Hz because the screen turns green when set to 144Hz.)
    The difference in smoothness between 60Hz and 120Hz is clearly visible even to the average non-gadget geek,
    so I honestly think the 120Hz support on the iPhone 15 Pro was a more important update than USB-C.

Development tools

  • WebStorm(JetBrains IDE)

    First of all, I am a big fan of JetBrains. Since my first use of PHPStorm for a project in the PHP Symfony framework, I have been impressed by its powerful refactoring features that understand the type and context of the code and automatically rewirte all affected parts to make sure that the code is properly Code Complete. I think this is similar to the feeling that JavaScirpt developers had when they switched from SublimeText to VSCode back in the day when there was no culture of using IDEs. I use WebStorm, VScode, and Cursor as my three IDEs. The best features of WebStorm are Auto Import, IntelliSense, refactoring accuracy, ESLint autofix execution speed, and I think the Project Tree is the easiest to use. There are almost no situations where I have to manually write import statements, so I would choose WebStorm first when writing a normal program. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

  • Cursor

    Forked from VScode, it is the IDE with the best AI I know. It can import and learn library documents and answer questions based on its knowledge of the entire codebase, making it a powerful tool for real-world products. Since it is a Fork of VScode, it references VScode's keybinding.json and settings.json, so it can easily be used with VSCode.

  • Visual Studio Code

    The best TypeScirpt LSP ,`Pretty TypeScript Errors` and `ts-type-expand` extensions available vs typescript gymnastics weapons. Other times, when you want to use Github Copilot, or when you want to use the extensions that are useful for JS/TS IDEs, as they tend to appear due to their overwhelming market share. Pretty TypeScriptErrors` was made available as a WebStorm first-party feature with the help of Extension authors and voted by WebStorm users, However, we fear for WebStorm's survival unless a mechanism is created to easily migrate VSCode extensions and first-party features to the JetBrains IDE, otherwise the free VSCode will be clearly superior to the paid JetBtrains product. WebStorm's survival is in jeopardy.

  • Terminal(Mac OSX Default)

    Maybe I just don't know the advanced features of other terminal apps, but I like the default terminal because it is stable enough to do what I want to do. I don't use the split screen at all, so maybe I don't feel inconvenienced by the default Terminal. When I launch multiple processes, I use tabs to manage them.

  • Fish Shell

    When I was a programming novice, I switched from bash to fish when I saw a blog about a customized zsh-like useful feature with almost zero configuration. But at first, fish was not compatible with bash/zsh and it was inconvenient that I could not execute ShellScript I found on Stackoverflow and so on as is. Now that fish has become a major shell, it supports installation scripts for various CLI tools, and also supports adding paths to `config.fish`, so it is easier to use than before. However, I don't know how to use the `abbr` command, which is one of the features of fish, and I use alias all the time...

  • Volta

    Volta is a Node.js version control tool, it would be an alternative to nvm. It has a simple API and a `volta pin` command that records the Node.js version of the project in package.json and automatically switches the Node.js version when you move to a directory.

  • pnpm

    I use pnpm as package manager for all my JS/TS projects. It saves a lot of storage space, and it has very straight forward module resolution that
    imported package from the end application must be written the top level package.json's dependency/devDependency.
    I think it is a great package manager with a very straight forward and trouble free module resolution rule.
    I also use Bun from time to time, which can run TS directly and ise often a faster runtime than Node.js.

  • LocatorJS

    This is very useful when dealing with unfamiliar code bases, as it allows you to open the source code of the React Component you clicked on in an instant.


  • Figma

    Bridging the gap between design data and implementation code in component-oriented front-end development,
    the designer skills and design tool skills needed when developing GUI applications on a solo basis, and the emergence of VSCode and Storybook's Figma Extension, developers also I have seen an increasing number of situations in recent years where I feel that it is better to be equipped with design tool skills.
    I think that the designer's ability is also included in the interest of full-stack developers.


  • Clipy

    This is a clipboard history saving application. The shortcut is set to `CMD + 0(zero)`.
    Is it modern now that many people do the same thing with Raycast?

  • Spotlight (Mac OSX Default)

    I use Spotlight and Raycast together. Spotlight is set to exclude GUI applications in LaunchPad from its search target, and is specialized for launching GUI applications such as Chrome, Notion, and 1Password. The shortcut key is `Option + Space`.

  • Raycast

    I am not good at remembering the spelling of English words, so what I use Raycast for the most is the dictionary function.
    I also use Github repository search, kill process, bing search, and floating note. I would like to try various extensions when I have time, as I am sure there are many useful ways to use them that I am not aware of yet.
    I am using the free plan because I couldn't find any situation where I want to ask AI questions in the context of Raycast.

  • iStat Menu

    It is an application that displays every stat of the machine in the menu bar like Activitiy Monitor.
    It is fun to see the CPU temperature and fan speed in the Censer tab and to change the fan speed to 100% and try to see how far you can cool the CPU.