Just 2024 list

I have no motivation to write shiny essay, so I just declare my 2024 list.

  • Revisit web app fundamentals and learn Remix via https://epicweb.dev
  • Release 1 desktop app, 1 OpenAPI library, 1 React learning content, and personal skill set manegement tool.
  • Tell and lead as well junior developers on a job's Next.js project
  • Create MSW codegen from OpenAPI spec file.
  • Cover and documen ting all pattern of "when React re-render" for understand what does React Forget doing.
  • Ship production grade React/Redux-Toolkit/Vite SPA kit that has strong GUI OpenAPI spec editor and mock server generation capability with MSW.
  • Inclode Figma my primary skills.
  • (ASAP)Understand Milion.js/Qwik/Solid.js/Svelte for learn what kind of modify need for keep up React morden as a client side jsx runtime.
  • Learning English more and more!
    • Think with English in my head.
    • Keep continue voice conversation.
    • Watch Netflix with English subtitle when I have no energy.